Governing Agencies and Ethics Review Structure

The National Health Research Ethics Sub-Committee (NatHREC) is responsible ethical and scientific oversight of human subjects research conducted in Tanzania. NatHREC has developed and implemented guidelines, regulations and standard operating procedures for ethics review, as well as evaluating and monitoring new, ongoing and approved health research protocols.

Guidelines on Ethics for Health Research in Tanzania (2009)

National Institute for Medical Research, Tanzania

Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH)

Tanzania FDA

Overview of the clinical research regulations in Tanzania 

Useful Documents

Points to Consider – Investigators

All health research proposals in Tanzania must get an Institutional Ethical approval at the host institution where the research will be based. In the case that  there is no Institutional Ethics Committee, the approval will be sought from the NatHREC. For all health researches involving external collaborators (non-Tanzanians), the researchers must apply for the Institutional Ethical Clearance as well as the National Ethics Clearance. Non-Tanzanian researchers are required by law to get Research Clearance and Research Permit from Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology.

Local Research Institutions