Governing Agencies and Guiding Principles

Useful Documents

  • Ethics Guidelines for Health Research Involving Human Participants in Zimbabwe (2011). These guidelines are intended for use by investigators ethical review committees, administrators, healthcare practitioners, policy-makers, and community representatives
  • Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice in Zimbabwe (2012)
  • Guidelines for Investigators Conducting Research with Children
  • The MRCZ is registered with Office of Human Rights Protection (OHRP) as an international ethics committee, it adheres and subscribes to all the international ethics guidelines on the conduct of human research which include the Declaration of Helsinki, CIOMS, ICH-GCP and WHO ethics guidelines
  • Other guidelines are Foreign Researcher Application, Specimen Shipment Guidelines and Material Transfer Agreements

Investigators’ Points to Consider         

  • United National Interregional Crime and justice Research Institute (UNICRI) is collaborating with the Partnership for Health Projects for Africa (PHP Africa) to establish sufficient Ethical Committee capacity to monitor all institutions which conduct different types of health-related research in Zimbabwe and also to ensure that the members of the committees undergo training in both Health Research Ethics (HRE) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
  • This project is aimed at forming the Zimbabwean Forum of Research Institutions (ZIMFRI) and using it as a platform for strengthening and harmonizing health research ethics in Zimbabwe
  • ERU of BRTI collaborates with RCZ, MRCZ, MCAZ and CHS, University of Zimbabwe to fulfill the following objectives:
  • To respond to the research needs in the ethical conduct and review of human subjects research in Southern Africa and provide evidence that can be used for policy development and planning
  • To strengthen the administrative capacity of current and future ethical review committees to provide efficient, effective and timely review of research proposals
  • To assist researchers in ensuring that their studies accord with ethical research principles through the dissemination of guidelines on ethical issues in heath research to researchers
  • To improve the awareness of researchers of good research practice through the production and dissemination of an ethics handbook and regular electronic newsletter that highlights key issues in the conduct of ethical research

Local Collaborating Institutions