2014-2015 Academic Calendar Summary

Full Academic Calendar

2014-2015 Degree Calendar
For a diploma to be awarded in: Degree applications are due to the Registrar’s Office on: Dissertations are due to the Registrar’s Office on:
November 14, 2014 September 5, 2014 September 19, 2014
March 10, 2015 January 5, 2015 January 16, 2015
May 28, 2015 February 6, 2015 April 24, 2015


2014-2015 Academic Year Summary
Summer 2014 Fall 2014 Spring 2015
July 1 – August 15 September 2 –
December 19
 January 5 – May 15
WinterSession Spring1
 July 1 –
July 25
July 28 –
Aug 15
Sept 2 –
Oct 24
Oct 27 –
Dec 19
Jan 5 –
Jan 23
Jan 26 –
Mar 13
Mar 23 –
May 15


Religious Holidays

According to Chapter 151c, Section 2B, of the General Laws of Massachusetts, any student in an educational or vocational training institution, other than a religious or denominational training institution, who is unable, because of his or her religious beliefs, to attend classes or to participate in any examination, study, or work requirement on a particular day shall be excused from any such examination or requirement which he or she may have missed because of such absence on any particular day, provided that such makeup examination or work shall not create an unreasonable burden upon the school. No fees of any kind shall be charged by the institution for making such opportunity available to the student, and no adverse or prejudicial effect shall result to any student for availing himself or herself of these provisions.