Book It Policies

To review the complete list of rooms that can booked with Book It, please click here. The Book It system may be used to view or request auditoria on the ground levels of Kresge and FXB, Kresge 2nd floor classroom spaces, Kresge 502, and micro labs.  Please review the following basic policies regarding use of the system and HSPH rooms.

1. Turn Around Time for Request
2. Cancellation Notice
3. Food and Beverage
4. Micro Lab and Multifunction
5. Furniture Arrangements
6. Charges
7. Submitting requests through Book It

1. Turn Around Time for Request

Please allow for a processing time of up to three business days once a request has been submitted through Book It.  Confirmations for completed reservations will be sent via email to the address provided on the Book It request page.

2. Cancellation Notice

Due to limited space and high demand, it is very important that notice of a cancelled event be provided at least 24 hours prior to the start of the event.

3. Food and Beverage

Harvard School of Public Health has a contractual agreement with Harvard Dining/Sebastian’s that designates them as the exclusive caterer for all in-house functions. For more information regarding food, beverage, and alcohol for HSPH events please review the following:

1. Alcohol Policy @ HSPH
2. Catering and Alcohol Reminder Notice
3a. Sebastian’s Café – HSPH Operations Page
3b. Sebastian’s Catering – Dining Services Page

4. Micro Lab and Multifunction Room Use

Because of limited computer lab spaces, reservations for labs can only be made for academic and school related courses. All academic course lab reservations should be placed through Book It by an academic department course liaison or administrator.No food or beverages are permitted in the any of the Micro/Multifunction lab spaces.

5. Furniture and Equipment Arrangements

a. Equipment Arrangements

Please use the Media Services Request Form to request special Audio/Visual setups for classroom spaces at HSPH. We recommend reviewing the room features from the “View Facilities” page found on Book It prior to completing the form.

Video Conferencing can be accommodated in some of the rooms found on Book It. Please use the Video Conferencing Request Form to request a video conferencing setup prior to your event. Please note that completing the form does not guarantee availability of video conferencing facilities.

b. Furniture Arrangements

Do not rearrange the furniture in the classrooms without contacting custodial services. Do not remove any furniture from the classrooms or swap furniture with other classrooms.

Classrooms must be returned to their original setup at the end of a reservation.

6. Charges

Depending on who is booking a space and when the event is being held, charges may be associated with the use of a room. For more information on specific charges associated with room usage, please contact the Operations Office by phone at 617-432-1152.

7. Submitting Requests through Book It

a. Who Has Access

Account access is only permitted for department administrators within HSPH.

b. Training Requirement

A mandatory training session is required prior to being granted access to Book It. Training will be scheduled upon submission of the Access Request Form.

c. Turn-Around for Account Creation

Please allow up to three business days for account creation after completion of system training. Please note that access will not be granted if an account already exists for your department.