Doctor of Science and Doctor of Public Health (DPH) Student Information

The Committee on Admissions and Degrees

The Committee on Admissions and Degrees (CAD) is responsible for monitoring the academic progress of all doctoral students. All petitions and forms submitted during the course of the doctoral degree are reviewed by the CAD.

Doctoral Student Liaisons to the CAD:
Joann Wilson-Singleton, Registrar, and Laura Ruggiero
Harvard Chan School Registrar’s Office

Chair of CAD
Marie McCormick

The Doctoral Program (SD or DPH)

The Doctoral programs require that the doctoral student:

  • Declare a major and two minor fields of study on the Prospective/Final Program
  • Adhere to the doctoral student timetable; including holding regular progress meetings with research committee
  • Pass departmental written exams, if applicable
  • Pass Oral Exam
  • Hold regular progress meetings with research committee every six months
  • Complete the doctoral student residency requirement that includes payment of 2 years of full-time tuition and 1 year of full-time reduced tuition
  • Complete the school-wide Biostatistics and Epidemiology core requirements; and two intermediate level Biostatistics courses
  • Meet departmental course requirements
  • Maintain a G.P.A. of 2.7 or better
  • Complete, defend, and submit an accepted dissertation
  • Complete the Doctor of Science or Doctor of Public Health (DPH) degree program in five years for full-time candidates or seven years for part-time candidates