Doctor of Science and Doctor of Public Health Timetable

The following outlines the timetable to which all SD and DPH students must adhere in order to be considered in satisfactory academic standing. This progress must be made by all doctoral students and must be reported to and approved by the CAD. The timetable outlines the semester in which each progressive step must be completed.

A student in noncompliance with the timetable will have an administrative hold placed on their record. They will be unable to register until the required milestone is met, or appropriate paperwork is submitted. Receipt of the appropriate form(s) by the Harvard Chan School Registrar’s Office and/or the completion or submission of the progress milestone (i.e., the Oral Qualifying Exam or Progress Report) will clear this administrative hold. Students who fail to clear these holds by the specified date will be administratively withdrawn from the Harvard Chan School degree candidacy. Questions regarding the doctoral timetable may be directed to the Registrar, Joann Wilson-Singleton, or Laura Ruggiero (617-432-1032).


Submission of Prospective Program Form End of 2nd Semester, but no later than the end of the 3rd semester with permission*
Submission of Final Program Form
Submission of Nomination of Oral Qualifying Examination Committee Form
End of 5th Semester*
Submission of Oral Qualifying Examination Scheduling Form End of 6th Semester*
Submission of Nominations for Research
Committee Form
One month after successful completion of Oral Examination
Submission of Progress Report Form Six months after passing Oral Examination. Must be submitted at least twice a year thereafter until dissertation defense.
Submission of Application for Degree Form Before degree granting period in which dissertation is defended
Dissertation Defense End of 5th year for full-time students
End of 7th year for part-time students

* Double the time for part-time students.

Full-time students have five academic years from date of entry into the program to complete required course work, and to defend and to submit the dissertation. Any deviation from the five-year limit must be approved by the CAD prior to the second semester in the fifth year. Part-time students have seven academic years from date of entry to complete degree requirements, and any deviation from this limit must be approved by the CAD prior to the second semester in the seventh year.