Arrangement of Dissertation

a. Title Page (see format below)
b. Copyright Statement Form (available on the Countway Library website)
c. Signature Page with signatures of Research Committee members (see format below)
d. Preface, including acknowledgments, with original signature of degree candidate
e. Table of Contents
f. List of Figures with captions
g. List of Tables with captions
h. Body of Dissertation
i. Bibliography (see format below)

The title of the dissertation should be brief and should indicate the general subject treated. Nine words are usually sufficient to describe the investigation.

Title Page 
The title page should contain the following information, well spaced and centered on the page:

A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of
The Harvard School of Public Health
in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
for the Degree of (insert Doctor of Public Health or Doctor of Science)
in the Department of (insert department affiliation)
Boston, Massachusetts.
Date (month in which degree will be awarded, year in which degree will be awarded)


Copyright Statement Form
This form governs the use of the student’s dissertation by other scholars with research or scholarly interest in the paper. The student has the option of retaining all distribution rights pertaining to the dissertation, or granting the Countway Library the right to allow others to copy all or part of the dissertation for research or scholarship needs. The form must be signed by the student under one of the two options. The form is available on the library’s website.

Signature Page 

Following the copyright statement form there should be a page for the signatures of the Research Committee Members. The following should appear at the center of the page:

This dissertation has been read and approved by:

(typed name below line – signature above)
(typed name below line – signature above)
(typed name below line – signature above)

The Research Committee members should sign two copies of the signature page (three if the student is pursuing a joint degree in two departments) at the time of the dissertation presentation indicating their final approval of the dissertation.

Dissertations will not be accepted without original signatures.

Body of Dissertation 

The dissertation should consist of one or more manuscripts suitable for publication in a scientific medium appropriate to the candidate’s field. If the work is published prior to submission of the dissertation, copies of the publication may be submitted in lieu of the manuscript. If not included in these documents, an introduction should be added to describe the historical setting and objectives of the work and a concise discussion providing an overall evaluation of its significance. Technical appendices should be added where necessary to demonstrate full development of the dissertation material. Papers published under joint authorship are acceptable provided the candidate has contributed a major part to the investigation. The degree candidate is expected to be senior author on at least one of the papers. In the case of manuscripts published under joint authorship, the co-authors or the advisor may be consulted by the readers or the CAD to clarify the nature and extent of the candidate’s contribution. In addition to evaluating the quality and significance of the work, those responsible for accepting the dissertation (the Department(s) and the Research Committee) may determine whether the format is suitable for publication in a scientific medium appropriate to the degree candidate’s field(s).

To document the sources of information, a bibliography must be included at the end of the papers or dissertation. References may be numbered or listed alphabetically. Within any bibliographic section there should be consistency and adherence to an acceptable journal style for a bibliography. Each reference in the bibliography must contain the name of the author, title of the paper, name of publication, volume, date, and first page. Bibliographic Example:

23. Gibbs, C.S.: Filterable virus carriers. J. Bact., 23, 1932, 113.

The initial number should be omitted if references are listed alphabetically. If references in the bibliography are numbered, corresponding references in the text of the paper should be indicated by listing the number in parentheses after the name of the author. Example: “. . . as Gibbs (23) has stated.” More than one publication by the same author in the same year should be indicated both in the bibliography and in the text by the use of underlined letters, etc., after the date of publication. The standard system of abbreviation used by the Quarterly Cumulative Index should be followed for the abbreviations of journal titles.

If there are two reprints, each from different journals with different bibliographic styles, it is not necessary to change the bibliographic style of one to match the other. Consistency within each bibliographic section is the most important element.

Footnotes are reserved for substantive additions to the text and should be indicated by an asterisk in the text. Extensive use of footnotes is not encouraged. The footnote should be placed at the bottom of the page. A horizontal line of at least two inches should be typed above the first footnote on any page. Footnotes should be placed so that at least one inch is left at the bottom of the page. Use single-spacing within footnotes.

The student should consult his/her advisor concerning either special requirements which are not provided for in the above outline or disposition of the original data gathered in the conduct of the research.

Binding the dissertation is the student’s responsibility. The dissertation must be bound at the student’s expense, in crimson cloth covers, in Class A Library Binding, sewn and covered in buckram. The dissertation title, the author’s name, the year of submission and the volume number (if applicable) should be embossed in gold on the spine. If the dissertation is thick enough, the lettering should be horizontal when the dissertation is standing upright. If the lettering must run along the spine, it should read from the top down. Please note that binding requires anywhere from one day to two weeks. Prices and time required vary. Some binderies charge a premium for rush jobs. Listed below is a suggested vendor for the dissertation binding.

Acme Bookbinding
100 Cambridge Street
Charlestown, MA 02129