Doctor of Science and Doctor of Public Health (DPH) Tuition and Fees

Students must pay full-time tuition for a designated number of years, depending on their previous affiliation with the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Students must pay the appropriate tuition rate for each registration period.

All SD and DPH students are obligated to meet the residency requirement (pay tuition) for the degree regardless of status or if the degree is completed in less time than the residency requirement stipulates. Once this requirement has been met, doctoral students will be assessed the facilities fee until graduation.

Facilities Fees

This tuition amount will be assessed to all resident students once they have met the residency requirements and until they successfully defend the dissertation.

A student who defends and submits a dissertation after the deadline for a degree granting period will be assessed facilities fees the following semester and will be awarded a degree in the next degree granting period.

If a student defends and submits a dissertation before the degree-granting deadline of a semester in which a student is paying full-time reduced tuition, then the student will not be charged facilities fees, but rather, the student’s tuition will be adjusted to match the remainder of the financial residency requirement.

Part-Time Students

All part-time SD and DPH students are required to register for a minimum of 10 credits per semester (CEP 2007).