Non-Degree Programs (Academic Year)

The Harvard Chan School has a broad array of courses available to non-degree students. There are various affiliation statuses during the academic year. The eligibility requirements, application process, and registration procedures vary greatly from those in the summer non-degree process.  Please be sure to review our Policies including transfer of credits, requirements, and prerequisites carefully on the School’s Course Catalog.

The application and enrollment deadlines are in quick succession. All materials are required to be submitted on time. There are no exceptions to this rule. Non-degree students will need to submit a new application and certain documents for each semester. If a student misses the application deadline, they are ineligible to take courses during that part of term.

All deadlines are available on our Academic Calendar.


Academic Year Non-Degree Online Application

ONCE the application closes, you will receive an email from the Student Guest Coordinator confirming the completion of the application.


We recommend that you receive your immunizations before you arrive at Harvard, since many health insurance plans cover the costs of immunizations. Students unable to receive immunizations before arriving on campus must arrange for immunizations in the local area. If you receive your immunizations at Harvard University Health Services (HUHS), you may be billed for the cost of the immunization.

*Please note, some programs at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health may have different deadlines and start dates. Contact your program for specific information.

Students receive non-degree credit for the coursework completed. Those who apply to and are accepted into a Harvard Chan School degree program within five years of completion of the non-degree course, may transfer a maximum of 20 academic credits toward the degree program.