Notarized Documents

Notarized transcripts can be issued upon request.  When requesting a transcript through NSC’s secure site or at our service window, please indicate that you need the document to be notarized.

If you need a notarized copy of your diploma, you must send your original diploma to the Registrar’s Office.  We will make a copy and notarize the copy. Please enclose an insured, prepaid, private carrier envelope to have your original and notarized documents returned to you.  The Registrar’s Office is not responsible for lost or damaged documents. Documents should be sent to:

Harvard Chan School Registrar’s Office
677 Huntington Ave., Kresge G4
Boston, MA 02115

Information about receiving an apostille from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can be found here.  Note that you must make separate arrangements to receive an apostille.  The Harvard Chan School will not forward documents to the Office of the Secretary.