Summer Degree Students – Final Summer Practicum/Thesis Intent

Summer-only and summer-focused degree students are required to meet academic residency requirements by enrolling in on-campus classes during the summer. If a student wants to enroll in only their practicum/thesis and no other on-campus summer courses, they may do so only if the student is in their final semester and this is the last remaining requirement to complete their degree. Students will be required to submit the Final Summer Practicum/Thesis Form to the Registrar’s Office before the add/drop deadline for the applicable summer term. The form is available on the Registrar’s Office Forms and Verifications website. Otherwise, if a student is not able to enroll in on-campus classes during summer, they will be required to submit a Leave of Absence petition. International students should review the additional residency information at the end of this page.

MPH-45 CLE summer-focused students should note that students are expected to enroll in the practicum course and present their practicum in person during their final summer term of enrollment and should first discuss this with their practicum instructor before submitting the form.

Who is required to complete the Final Summer Practicum/Thesis Form?

DO submit the form if:

  • you are enrolling in ONLY the practicum/thesis during your final summer term. (i.e., you are not taking any other courses during the summer term)

DO NOT submit the form if:

  • you are enrolling in the practicum/thesis and additional in-person during your final summer term.

Additional Residency Information for International Students

  1. International students who require Harvard F-1 visa sponsorship are required to enroll in additional in-person classes and to meet minimum credit requirements.
  2. Students can contact the Harvard International Office with questions regarding visa requirements.
  3. International students who remain abroad (i.e., outside the US) during their final summer term are permitted to register for the practicum/thesis only and are expected to submit the Final Summer Practicum/Thesis Form to waive the academic residency requirement. Students must discuss this with their practicum/thesis instructor prior to submitting the form to obtain permission as summer-focused and summer-only degree students are expected to be in person during summers.