Health Coverage Information

Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) & Harvard University Student Health Program  (HUSHP)

HUSHP is made up of two parts that work together: the Student Health Fee (SHF) and the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).  With the Student Health Fee and the Student Health Insurance Plan, students can access most of their care at Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) with no additional copay or charge.  Coverage for students starts on August 1 for the fall term and February 1 for the spring term.

Waiving Health Insurance Coverage

Most Harvard students* are automatically enrolled in both parts of the Harvard University Student Health Program and charges are applied to a student’s term bill. To opt-out of coverage you must complete an online waiver by the July 31 deadline for the fall term or full academic year, and January 31 for the spring term.  If your waiver is approved, the charge will be removed from your student term bill.

Please note: the Student Health Insurance Plan waiver and the Student Health Fee waiver are separate from each other and must be waived for both the fall and spring terms.

Visit the HUSHP website to waive and/or to learn more about the Harvard University Student Health Program.

*With the exception of MHCM, MPH-EPI (online/on-campus), MPH-GEN, and summer-only degree and non-degree students. Students in these programs are not eligible to enroll in the Harvard University Health Programs. A waiver does not need to be submitted for students in these programs because insurance coverage is not offered for summer or online programs.

Dependent Health Insurance Enrollment

Dependents can be added during open enrollment (June 1 – August 31) or with a life changing event. There is an additional fee to add dependents. Enrollment and/or renewal are not automatic. Visit HUSHP website to add dependents or learn more about dependent eligibility and enrollment.