Laboratory & Biological Safety Education

The Office of Regulatory Affairs and Research Compliance (ORARC) in conjunction with the Laboratory and Biological Safety Focus Forum (LBFF) and Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is committed to providing on-going support and education to the Chan School of Public Health research community. Join our lab managers, researchers, and research staff for these educational training sessions which includes presentations, panel discussions, and time for questions and answers. Attend our monthly ROMS meeting or quarterly education sessions to learn more.

ROMS Meeting – Shipping & Transportation

March 15, 2017

Have you completed your Shipping Biological Materials and Dry Ice training (Lab 104)? This ROMS meeting featured topics from Lab 104 as well as discussed various shipping scenarios:

Requirements for ensuring proper shipping of hazardous materials
Procedures/Processes for transporting specimens
Understanding the differences between international, interstate, and local shipping requirements

To learn more, review the following Harvard Training Portal courses: (Lab 104 – Shipping Biological Materials & Dry Ice, Lab 114– Shipping Non-regulated Materials and Dry Ice, and Lab 109 – Shipping Excepted Quantities: Flammables, Corrosives, and Common Fixatives)

ROMS Meeting – Facilities Tour

February 15, 2017

Come join Operations on a guided tour of SPH’s mechanical rooms, loading dock, emergency generator, HVAC systems and more!

    • If you are unable to attend and would like to schedule a group tour for your department/lab, please contact Alex Machaiek for more info.
ROMS Meeting – Quarterly Education Session

January 18, 2017 | Kresge G-2 | 10:00 – 11:00

Get your lab in order: Best practices revealed! 

      • Learn about best practice recommendations for managing a research lab
      • Receive tips and resources from the experiences and expertise provided by panelist from the Office of Regulatory Affairs & Research Compliance, Environmental Health and Safety, Operations, Sustainability and the Lab & Biosafety Focus Forum


      • EcoOpportunity (Green Team) Meeting – TODAY, Wednesday, January 18th at 2pm in the Countway Library 5th floor – Ballard Room. Snacks and refreshments provided.
      • The Lab & Biosafety Focus Forum (LBFF) will soon be initiating its laboratory “Road Show” where LBFF members will reach out to labs to address concerns as well as explore various resources, available training opportunities and provide best practice recommendations to the lab.  Please contact Stanley Estime to learn more and/or provide the best meeting times for your lab.
      • Preventative Maintenance Program Development: If you’re interested in participating in the working group on Lab Equipment Preventative Maintenance, please let Brian Frederick or Adam Meier know.  Brian emailed a request for interest – from all departments – in the PM program. Please reply to him and complete the inventory list of Ultra-Low Temp Freezers (-80)
ROMS Meeting

December 21, 2016



          • Save the date for Quarterly Education Session (Jan 18th, 2017 – Get your lab in Order). Featuring representatives from Office of Regulatory Affairs & Research Compliance, Environmental Health & Safety, Lab and Biosafety Focus Forum, and Operations
          • Please complete the EH&S Customer Survey if you haven’t had the chance to do so.  The survey will allow EH&S to greatly improve upon the many resources they provide as well as assist them in areas where your lab needs are not being met.
ROMS Meeting

November 16, 2016

Biological Waste Presentation (Marissa Cardwell, Associate Director of Biosafety – EH&S)


            • The Chan School is looking into the possibility of instituting a preventative maintenance program for ULT Freezers. An RFP is being put together to explore the pros and cons of utilizing an external vendor (e.g. Shons Scientific) vs. an internal one to manage the preventative maintenance program.
            • If your interested, or you would like to learn more, please contact Brian Frederick with additional questions/comments.  More info coming soon.
ROMS Meeting

October 19, 2016

Sharps Safety Presentation (Marissa Cardwell, Associate Director of Biosafety – EH&S)


            • Reminder to be mindful of expiration dates on biosafety cabinets and allow ample times with your vendors for re-certification.
            • Longwood Freecycle Handout 
            • Peer lab inspections coming soon! This is a great training opportunity for new post-docs, grad students, and researchers. This is also a chance to share best practices with your colleagues, get your lab in order, and learn key inspection tips from EH&S. Contact Stanley Estime to learn more and/or to sign up as a peer-inspector.
ROMS Meeting

September 21, 2016

Harvard Training Portal – Hands on Presentation (Presented by Richard Griffith, EH&S Training Manager)


            • Operations will be conducting a lighting test the week of 10/24 – 10/31.  Please plan accordingly.  More details to follow.
            • EHS will be conducting its semi-annual DEA controlled substance destruction event the first two weeks of October. Contact Jackie Kerr for additional questions or if you need assistance with completing the DEA Form 41. The completed form is due Friday September 23rd and should be emailed to Lance Schumacher, Hazardous Waste Program Coordinator.
ROMS Meeting

July 20, 2016

Harvard Training Portal Follow-up to Meeting:

Note: In response to the question during the ROMS meeting: This is why there is the Roster Manager title on the first page of the handout because all people that are listed as the Lab Director, Safety Officer and Proxy then have the benefits of the title of Roster Manager.

All data is coming from TMS as it previously existed. So if the ROM or Admin was listed as the Training Director in TMS then then she or he is listed in PeopleSoft as the Lab Director. If not – which is the case for some PI’s that do not manage their rosters (they have a ROM or Admin manage them), then they are not listed as the Lab Director in PeopleSoft. This can be easily changed through your PeopleSoft.

There can only be one Lab Director listed in the PeopleSoft Roster but there can be multiples of the other titles.

The fields in the ‘Associated People’ tab as they currently exist are just the four: Lab Director, Lab Safety Officer, Proxy and Non-Laboratory Staff. If a person is listed with one of the first three roles, they will have access as Roster Managers for that roster in which they are named. If the ROM wants to do that, they should get one of the first three roles.

If the ROM is connected to the lab in name only, and does not want be a part of the roster management, they can be listed as affiliated/proxy to the lab.

ROMS Meeting 

June 15, 2016 

Nitric-Ethanol Incident Overview

Note: The new TMS system will be live on July 25, 2016. Outstanding training should be completed before July 15th as the system will be down the following week 7/18 – 7/22 for data transfer.

Demos of the new system will be provided in the HIM Bray Room on 6/22 (1:30 – 2:30) and 6/29 (3:00 – 4:00). You can also reach out to EH&S during the week of 7/18-7/22 for an in-person training session.

Biological Safety Cabinets & Disinfection – Quarterly Education Session

May 18, 2016

The Lab and Biosafety Focus Forum is pleased to have Sean Fitzgerald, EHS Biosafety Officer, discuss the types and uses of biological safety cabinets as well as disinfection in the laboratory. This session is key for all individuals who work with biological materials and work in Biological Safety Cabinets. Sean will discuss proper personal, product and environmental protection and much more. He will also share real-life examples of what can result from the improper use of biosafety cabinets.

PowerPoint Presentation

ROMS Meeting

April 20, 2016

Procurement and Hazardous Waste Disposal 

ROMS Meeting

March  16, 2016

Export Controls

February 17, 2016 

Do you know what constitutes an export? Do you know what is required for you to transfer items or technology to another country?

Please join us to hear Eileen Nielsen, Director of Research Administration Education, discuss what export controls entail, outline rules and regulations regarding exports, and what is required for material transfer agreements. All laboratory personnel are encouraged to attend.

PowerPoint Presentation

ROMS Meeting  – Airgas Safety

November 15, 2015

PowerPoint Presentation

Managing and promoting safety culture in the laboratory!

September 16, 2015 

PowerPoint Presentation 

LBFF Jeopardy!

May 6, 2015

PowerPoint Presentation-Round 1
PowerPoint Presentation-Round 2
PowerPoint Presentation-Final Jeopardy

Get Your Lab In Order: Best Practices Revealed!

October 2, 2014 

PowerPoint Presentation 

Fundamentals of Aerobiology

May 21, 2014 

 PowerPoint Presentation

Waste Water Management and Lab Recycling

January 15, 2014

PowerPoint Presentation – Waste Water Management

PowerPoint Presentation – Lab Recycling

Principles of Steam Sterilization

September 18, 2013

PowerPoint Presentation

Liquid Nitrogen Training

May 15, 2013

PowerPoint Presentation

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