Resources for staff

Flexwork at Harvard: This website includes resources, information, guidelines, policy statement, and principles of flexwork arrangements at Harvard.

Tools and Resources: This collection of information has been compiled to help staff and managers navigate the flexwork process and includes information on ergonomics and disability resources, tips for recognizing and addressing burnout, and work/life and well-being resources and toolkits from the Harvard Center for Workplace Development.

Working Remotely Courses: Available on the Harvard Training Portal, these modules provide tips on how to increase productivity and stay connected while working remotely.

Flexible Work Arrangement Documentation: Employees who would like to request other forms of flexwork based on their location or schedule should complete this form and submit it to their supervisor for review.

IT support for onsite, remote, or hybrid work: Learn about classroom or conference room technology, get reacquainted with campus WiFi, meeting in hybrid formats, and more.