Tips on testing at Harvard Chan School

COVID-19 test kits can be picked up and dropped off in the lobbies of the FXB and Kresge Buildings. Tests can also be dropped off elsewhere in the Longwood area: in the HSDM Dental Research and Education lobby, in the NRB lobby, and on the 3rd floor of the Landmark Center. A list of all drop-off sites around the University can be found here.

Here are some tips to make testing go more smoothly:

  • Plan to take a test on your first day back on campus. Once you pick up your test kit, please test in a private location, such as a bathroom or your office, then return the completed test to a collection box in either the Kresge or FXB lobbies.
  • For subsequent tests, pick up a test kit to take home. You can then test at home or in another private location in the morning on days you’ll be on campus, and simply drop the test off when you arrive at the School.

Full instructions on how to self-administer Harvard’s COVID-19 tests are included with each test kit. If you’d like further details, take this brief training on how to take the self-administered tests.

What happens if I test positive?

Based on nearly 18 months of experience, there are well-established resources and steps in place when someone in our community tests positive for COVID. If someone tests positive, they are notified by Color. Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) is also notified, and follows up with guidance on isolation procedures and instruction to help you identify and notify your close contacts. Individuals who test positive will also be contacted by the school to ensure they have the support that they need.

What if I’ve tested positive recently?

If you have tested positive for COVID within the 90 days prior to returning to campus, you are required to submit documentation of a positive test result with the test date to before returning to campus. If you have tested positive within the past 90 days or test positive at any point once back on campus, you will not complete University-required COVID testing until 90 days after your positive test. HUHS will work with you to determine the day for official testing to begin.

Questions about testing?

Students may contact Amanda Andreyev Jahan, Office of the Dean,