Rie Sakai

Visiting Scientist

Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Department of Global Health and Population

Landmark 4 West
Boston, Massachusetts 02215

Biographical Information

Dr. Sakai worked as a pediatrician for several years and observed that many pediatricians were often overworked.  Motivated to conduct research that can be utilized in daily medical practice, she entered a PhD program in Public Health where she focused on primary pediatric care and improving communication between pediatricians and parents.  Dr. Sakai has also conducted research investigating health issues of Japanese expatriates in developing countries.

In order to strengthen her skills in quantitative methods focused on public health issues on a global scale, she entered the Master of Public Health (MPH) program at HSPH.  As a Research Fellow in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Dr. Sakai’s research has focused on the geographic maldistribution of pediatricians in Japan.