Research Publications

  • Have led or contributed to more than 200 WHO publications; these are available at:
  • Author of more than 300 scientific publications in international and national journals and books.
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  • Total number of citations (till December 2017): 23,617; i10 index: 167

Ten most cited papers:

  1. The WHOQOL Group (1995) The definition of quality of life and development of international quality of life assessment instruments. Social Science and Medicine, 41:1403-1409. (3251 citations)
  2. Prince M, Patel V, Saxena S, Maj M, Maselko J, Phillips MR, Rahman (2007) No health without mental health. The Lancet, 370: 859-877. (2410 citations)
  3. Collins P, Patel V, Joestl S, March D, Insel T, Daar AS, Bordin I, Costello EJ, Durkin M, Fairburn C, Glass R, Hall W, Huang Y, Hyman SE, Jamison K, Kaaya S, Kapur K, Kleinman A, Ogunniyi A, Otero-Ojeda A, Poo MM, Ravindranath V, Sahakian BJ, Saxena S, Singer PA et al (2011).  Grand challenges in global mental health, Nature, 475, 27–30. (1165 citations)
  4. Kohn R, Saxena S, Levav I, Saraceno B (2004). Treatment gap in mental health care. Bulletin of World Health Organization 82: 858-866. (1127 citations)
  5. Saxena S, Thornicroft G, Knapp M, Whiteford H (2007) Resources for mental health: scarcity, inequity, and inefficiency. The Lancet; 370: 878-889. (983 citations)
  6. Maulik PK, Mascarenhas MN, Mathers CD, Dua T, Saxena S (2011) Prevalence of intellectual disability: A meta-analysis of population-based studies, Research in Developmental Disabilities 32 (2011) 419–436. (503 citations)
  7. Üstün TB, Chatterji S, Kostanjsek N, Rehm J, Kennedy C, Epping-Jordan J, Saxena S, von Korffe M, Pull C in collaboration with WHO/NIH Joint Project (2010) Developing the World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule 2.0, Bull World Health Organ, 88:815–823. (418 citations)
  8. Jacob KS, Sharan P, Mirza I, Garrido-Cumbrera M, Seedat S, Mari JJ, Sreenivas V, Saxena S (2007) Mental health systems in countries: where are we now? The Lancet, 370: 1061-1077. (383 citations)
  9. Kakuma R, Minas H, van Ginneken N, Dal Poz MR, Desiraju K, Morris JE, Saxena S, Scheffler RM. Human resources for mental health care: current situation and strategies for action (2011) The Lancet 378: 1654–63. (348 citations)
  10. Orley J, Saxena S & Herrman H (1998) Quality of life and mental illness: Reflections from the perspective of the WHOQOL (Editorial), British Journal of Psychiatry, 172:291-293. (342 citations)