Sinara Rossato

Research Fellow

Department of Nutrition

Research – Food processing, health endpoints, collective health and applied methodology

Food processing – Prospective evaluation of processing grade of diet and the associates to diet quality, body mass index, cardiovascular disease and diabetes in the Nurses Health Study and Health Professional Follow up Study, under mentoring of Professor Walter Willett.

Nutritional Epidemiology Focusing Methods – Development of diet assessment tools in the population and study of the individual variability of intake of food and nutrients for the control of confusing factors and statistic adjustments. Construction and validation of a questionnaire on food frequency.

Development of technologies of dietary assessment in the population – Developing a system of data entry system and compilation of demographic information and diet for repeated measurements, with simultaneous estimative of ingredients of recipes and food grouping. Project with Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), federal University of Bahia (Brazil), National university of Cordoba (Argentina), Harvard School of Public Health with collaboration of Professor Teresa T Fung.

Analysis of the usual intake of food and nutrients – To study of statistical methods applied to food questionnaires emphasizing the individual variability of usual intake of food and nutrients, statistical adjustments for the control of confusing factors, planning and information quality control of data sets in dietary surveys.

Collective health and Nutrition – To research and development of the ambulatory attendance for hypertensive patients in a  reference center, Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre – RS. Activities linked to the research group of Cardiology and Hypertension conducted by the professors Flávio D. Fuchs and Sandra C Fuchs.