Students will have access to an interdisciplinary group of Harvard Faculty at the top of their fields.

Featured Faculty Profiles:


Assistant Professor of Statistical Genetics
Departments of Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Dr. Price’s research focuses on the development of statistical methods for uncovering the genetic basis of human disease, and on the population genetics underlying these methods.  Areas of focus include disease mapping in admixed or structured populations, heritability and polygenic risk prediction, and sequencing studies.

Dr. Price is the instructor for EPI511, Advanced Population and Medical Genetics.  This course emphasizes hands-on analysis of large empirical data sets.  After taking this course, each student will have the experience and skills to develop and apply statistical methods to population genetic data.

Research Keywords: Genetic association studies, Population structures, Mixed models, Heritability





Associate Professor of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics
Department of Biostatistics, SPH & DFCI

Dr. Yuan’s career spanned across mathematics, physics, oceanography, and meteorology before transition to computational biology. He joined the department and Dana-Farber in 2006.  His research focuses on developing statistical and computational methodologies for genomic data analysis and integration, with the aim to understand systems-level gene regulatory mechanisms.

A key element of the computational biology research is collaboration with experimental biologists. Such experience will help understanding of the biological questions and experimental data generated to answer these questions. Our group has close collaborations with diverse groups of experimental biologists. We will engage each student in collaboration projects early on and guide them to identify problems of interest and to develop suitable computational approaches.

Research Keywords: Epigenomics, Single cell analysis, Gene Regulation, Biological Networks, Stem Cell, Cancer