The COVID Health Animation Project (CHAP), an initiative from Creative Frontiers

SBS alum Dr. Gilberto Lopez, ScD ’18, HSPH alum Dr. Megan L. Srinivas, MPH ’14, and others have recently released the COVID Health Animation Project (CHAP). An initiative from Creative Frontiers, it is a research-based approach to fight misinformation, to increase knowledge, and to change behaviors around COVID-19 in vulnerable communities through culturally-tailored animated content.

More About Dr. Lopez

Dr. Lopez is a broadly trained social scientist with experience in mixed-methods of research. His research focuses on the political economy and social determinants of health in relation to migration, and its association with socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity, and health. Dr. Lopez’ ultimate goal is to produce data that will guide the development and implementation of interventions to reduce Inequities. He graduated from SBS in 2018.

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