Masters Programs

One Year Master of Science Program

This research degree is designed for established researchers and investigators or practitioners with significant experience in the social or behavioral sciences.  The program is flexible to allow specialization in a specific content or skill area.

Students must complete:

  • 42.5 credits (1 year)
  • Individualized study plan

Successful candidates have a doctoral degree or masters degree, and significant work experience in the social or behavioral sciences, health care, or a public health field.


The MPH-HSB 45 is for individuals who already hold a graduate degree, are current medical or dental students who have completed their primary clinical year, or have at least five years of relevant work experience in public health or a related field. You may also pursue the MPH-45 as part of a dual degree in Nursing with Simmons University. In most cases, you can complete the MPH-45 in two semesters.


The MPH-HSB 65 is for individuals with a minimum of two years of post-baccalaureate work experience in a relevant public health field. You can complete this full-time program in three semesters with a summer practicum experience between the second and third semesters. This degree prepares those early in their careers to work in diverse spheres, including federal, state, and local government; advocacy groups; voluntary health organizations; and community-based primary care settings in the United States and other countries.