Sanjana Bhaskar

Doctoral Candidate
Department of Environmental Health, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Sanjana Bhaskar is a doctoral student in the Population Health Sciences program, within the Environmental Health department. Jaime is a member of her doctoral advising committee. She graduated from the Environmental Health SM program in 2021. Her research is focused on assessing the exposure burden of PM2.5, studying the impacts of these exposures on male reproductive health and prediction of indoor PM2.5 levels. Her background includes a prior Master of Philosophy in Bioscience Enterprise from University of Cambridge and an undergraduate degree in Biotechnology at the University of Surrey, UK. Prior to the SM program at Harvard, she held diverse roles across research in molecular biology, the pharmaceutical industry, life sciences and digital health consulting and environmental health research in India. She is from India and loves dancing, playing with dogs and music.