Cohorts and Study Populations

In the SpaCE2 Lab, many of our studies are conducted in ongoing prospective cohort studies, such as the Nurses’ Health Studies (NHS, NHSII, NHS3), Health Professionals’ Follow-Up Study (HPFS), and the Growing Up Today Study (GUTS).  As shown in the map, participants in these cohorts live throughout the United States, providing information on a wide range of geographic areas.

Map of the mailing addresses of the NHS, NHSII, NHS3, HPFS, and GUTS cohort participants throughout follow-up

These rich data sources allow us to examine the impacts of spatial exposures over long periods of time, and to recruit participants into smaller substudies.  We use the longitudinal data on addresses in these cohorts to append many data on our exposures of interest for decades.


To learn more about the cohorts we use and how to collaborate:  Visit the Cohort Documentation Websites