Mobile Health Technology

For many of our newer studies, we are using custom-made highly secure, smartphone applications to determine where participants spend their time, and how physically active they are.  This allows us to examine time-activity patterns, and to develop a more comprehensive picture of exposures than we can get from a home or work address alone.


Current Funding

NIH/NIEHS R01 ES028712-01: The Effects of Environmental Exposures on Semen Quality and the Sperm Epigenome

The aims of this project are to assess the impact of multiple environmental exposures (air pollution and endocrine disruptors) on measures of semen quality (concentration, total count, and motility) assessed via cell phone, morphology assessed with standard laboratory methods, and novel epigenomic markers (sperm DNA methylation).

NIH/NCI R00 CA201542: High Resolution Measures of Behavioral Cancer Risk Factors from Mobile Technology

This project is exploring the relationships between geographic context, physical activity, sleep, and obesity by deploying smartphone applications and wearable devices within a subsample (n=500) of the Nurses’ Health Study 3 (NHS3).