Banning Breast Implant Surgery in Minors

Cosmetic breast implant surgery in minors can yield hazardous consequences, too often resulting in dangerous physical and emotional effects. Currently, minors can legally undergo cosmetic breast implants with a parent/guardian’s consent and the approval of a willing surgeon. Numerous risks have been documented in minors receiving cosmetic breast implant surgery, which will require multiple repeat surgeries over a person’s lifetime to maintain implants. Further, botched breast implant procedures can lead to leakage, scar tissue buildup, and even death. 

Our model legislation, “An Act prohibiting cosmetic breast implant surgery on minors,” addresses the dangers of such procedures, and if enacted in your state, would prohibit health care providers from performing breast implant surgery on a minor.

Below you will find important materials to help you bring this important advocacy effort to
your state and community: