HUPD & Safety

Harvard Chan School is located in Boston, Massachusetts.  When one lives in a large city, they should make sure safety and awareness are among their top priorities.

The mission of the Harvard University Police Department is to maintain community peace, safety, and quality of life. The HUPD pursues this mission within the University context of free expression, rigorous inquiry, vast diversity, and pursuit of distinction. The HUPD honors these traditions and seeks success by means that are moral, constitutional, and respectful of individual rights and community interests.
URGENT: 617-495-1212
Longwood: 617-432-1212
Business: 617-495-1215

The HUPD have also set up campus blue light phones across campus to be used to report suspicious activity, crimes in progress, or any emergency situation.

To learn more about the HUPD, please visit

To learn more about the HUPD’s commitment to campus safety, please read Playing it Safe

Harvard Chan School of Public Health also have two security desks: one at the Kresge entrance and one at FXB entrance. All Harvard University students must display HUID cards at both entrances and guests must enter from and register at the security office by the Kresge entrance.

Taxi Escort Service
The taxi escort service is available to HSPH students on a first come, first serve basis, within a one mile radius of the campus between 7pm and 3am from the FXB Security Desk. For more details, visit the Student Handbook.

Walking Escort Service
The Harvard Longwood Campus has a walking escort service available 24 hours a day. On request, the security officer will escort faculty, staff, or students to any of the Longwood Campus Area parking lots, buildings, or local “T” stops. To use this service, call 617-432-1379. Please call ahead as it may take as long as fifteen minutes for your escort to arrive. Please wait for your escort once you have called.