Photo Contest

Student Photo Contest


The mission of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Photo contest is to engage students in a creative way and showcase their considerable talents. Students submit photos of their work in local communities and around the world allowing us to see another side of our amazing students.

Our goal is to build an engaged community and to share important stories and influence the way people think about public health through photography

The Office for Student Affairs hosts the annual Student Photo Contest. All Harvard Chan students are invited to participate in the contest.

Students may submit photos from their winter trips, the local community, or research projects. Photos take within the previous 12 months may be submitted.

Photo Requests:

We ask that photos taken are of the highest quality possible to be fully considered. Also please be respectful of photo subjects, and the nature of the photos. Photos should be related back to Public Health.

We encourage students to take pause before they take the photo and consider other elements. For more information we found this article very helpful.

For more information, please read the Rules and Guidelines.

For a copy of the consent form click here.

To apply please visit here.