Advisory Committee on Sexual Assault and Harassment Prevention

Sexual assault and other unwelcome sexual conduct are matters of increasing concern for colleges and universities.  This behavior is antithetical to the core obligations we owe one another in a community of learning and discovery, which must be based in openness, mutual respect, and trust.  The University-Wide Statement on Rights and Responsibilities, adopted more than 40 years ago, underscores that a vibrant academic community is characterized by “respect for the dignity of others” and “freedom from personal force and violence.”  We must reinforce these norms as part of a shared commitment, individually, collectively, and institutionally, to work to eliminate sexual assault and other unwelcome sexual conduct at Harvard.

In November 2015, following the publication of the Association of American Universities report on sexual assault and sexual misconduct, Acting Dean David Hunter formed the Advisory Committee on Sexual Assault and Harassment Prevention at the Harvard Chan School.

The Advisory Committee on Sexual Assault and Harassment Prevention (ACSAHP) works collectively and collaboratively with the Harvard Chan School community to promote communication, education, and training related to sexual assault and harassment prevention.  ACSAHP is chaired by Stacey Herman, Associate Dean for Student Services, and comprised of representatives from the school’s academic appointees, students, and staff.

ACSAHP seeks input broadly from students, faculty, administrators, law enforcement, and subject matter experts, both at Harvard and nationally. The committee makes annual recommendations to the school leadership and reports regularly to the Harvard Chan community at large.

ACSAHP Members for 2016-2017 Academic Year

Stacey Herman, Chair
Associate Dean for Student Services, Title IX Coordinator for Students

Mahnaz El-Kouedi, Co-Chair
Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, Title IX Coordinator for Faculty and Non-Faculty Academic Appointees

Linda Picard, Co-Chair
Senior Director of Human Resources, Title IX Coordinator for Staff

Avanti Adhia
Doctor of Science Student, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Aaron Buzay
Executive Director for Administration, Office for External Relations

Jacque Caglia
Associate Director, Women and Health Initiative

Flaminia Catteruccia
Faculty, Immunology and Infectious Diseases

Deborah Kacanek
Research Scientist, Center for Biostatistics in AIDS Research

David Kasahara
Research Scientist, Environmental Health

Petros Koutrakis
Faculty, Environmental Health

Erin Pearson
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Global Health and Population

Luke Sutherland
Housing and Resident Life Coordinator, Title IX Coordinator for Students, Office for Student Affairs

Delia Wolf
Associate Dean of Regulatory Affairs & Research Compliance, Lecturer, Health Policy Management

Amy Wooldridge
Associate Director, Office of Student Affairs

Blake Worrall
Assistant Director of Finance and Administration, Office of Education

Melissa Brodrick (ex officio member)

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For more information about resources available to all students, staff, and academic appointees, please visit the pages below.

SHARE: Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Education
Harvard University Title IX Office
Bias-Related Incident Reporting

ACSAHP is always looking for suggestions from the Harvard Chan community. If you have an idea related to sexual assault and harassment prevention that you would like to share, please drop us a line through the online suggestion box.