Harvard University Identification Card

Campus Service Center
ID Services
1350 Massachusetts Ave., Smith Center Room 807
Cambridge, MA
Phone: 617-495-7827
Web: www.huid.harvard.edu

During fall registration, students will be issued an official Harvard University Identification Card (ID) for gaining access to Harvard University libraries, classroom buildings, and services throughout the Harvard community.

New students are encouraged to submit an ID Card photo using Harvard University’s ID Card Photo Submission Web Application. If a photo is successfully submitted, the Student ID card will be printed. When the new students arrive on campus, they must bring government-issued identifications to facilitate photo and identity validation before they can receive their Harvard ID cards. If a photo is not successfully submitted using the ID Card Photo Submission Application, students must go to the I.D. Office located on the first floor of the Kresge Building where photographs will be taken to be placed on the front side of the permanent ID card. The permanent ID card will be available at the Registrar’s Office. ID cards are valid through a student’s expected date of graduation.

These images may be used for proctor lists, professor lists, and other academic purposes. Images may also be used for face books and internal electronic directories. Data and images are secured for internal use only. Students who do not wish to see their picture in either face books or internal electronic directories should contact the Registrar’s Office at 617-432-1032.

ID cards are required for admission to most Harvard activities and facilities, including libraries, museums, dining halls, athletic buildings, student residences and the M2 Shuttle service. Though some facilities may require a sticker for entry, the front of the card and magnetic strips on the back must be kept free from stickers. The Harvard ID identifies the bearer as a Harvard University member who has the privileges given him/her by the university. Students should display their ID at all times to Harvard University security personnel.

ID cards are not transferable. A student may not allow any other person to use his/her Harvard ID for any purpose. ID cards are the property of Harvard University and are intended for university purposes only. Every student is responsible for his/her ID and any circumstantial misuse. A student who alters or falsifies his/her Harvard ID card or produces or distributes false IDs of any kind is subject to disciplinary action. Students who lose their card have the ability to disable their card (removing all building clearances and removing access to meal plan and Crimson Cash) by using the “Report Lost Card” feature in the ID Card Web Application at https://idcard.huid.harvard.edu.

Students must give up identification cards upon request to any properly identified employee of the university. Surrendered cards will be sent immediately to ID Card Services.

All students granted a leave or who withdraw from the Harvard Chan School before the end of the academic year must immediately surrender their Harvard ID cards to the Registrar’s Office.

Replacement of Harvard ID

Replacements may be ordered at the ID Office on the first floor of the Kresge Building at the Harvard Chan School. Each time a replacement ID is issued, the last digit of the ID increases by one. The replacement fee is $25.00 for each card lost (all fees are charged to the student’s term bill). Non-students and alumni must go to Kresge LL-15 to pay the $25.00 cash replacement fee.

Rights of the University to Capture and Use Digital Images
The use of digital photographs for ID cards for academic and security purposes at the university is a condition of employment for all employees and a condition of enrollment for all students. The university is within its rights to require images for the purposes of security and academic integrity. Specifically, Harvard University may use digitally recorded images of its populations for identification purposes including ID cards, security systems, classroom and exam proctor lists.

Requests for exemptions from having a photo ID will be reviewed by the Office of the General Council and will be granted only in extreme circumstances.

Should no previous objection be recorded, the University may print images of students, staff, faculty, or administration in its many traditional house/dorm books, class books, organizational charts, for purposes within the university. Should no previous objection be recorded, the university may print images in internal publications of students and faculty who are receiving degrees or awards.

Should permission be given, the university may distribute prints of all students and faculty receiving degrees or awards to parties outside the university. Images will not be distributed from the database for purposes of negative publicity or publicity that could endanger a member of our community.