Summer Only Degree Students

Summer only degree students pursuing an MPH in Clinical Effectiveness or Quantitative Methods and MS in Epidemiology can register for multiple instances of either ID 320, EPI 315 or ID 270 throughout the academic year to complete their project. This allows students to have continued access to resources such as the library, and plenty of time to complete their project. Every time a student registers for credits under ID 320, ID 270, or EPI 315, they will be expected to complete work towards their project and be graded and be assessed regular tuition and registration fee.

When registering during the academic year, summer only degree students will fall under regular academic rules.

Students can take the following credits towards their project:

  • Up to 5 credits in WinterSession. WinterSession being 2 to 3 weeks long only, a total of 5 credits cannot be exceeded when taking classes and credits toward a project. Students in QM may petition to present their project in the winter above the 5 credits allowed.
  • Up to 5 credits for ID 270, up to 7.5 credits for ID 320, and up to 12.5 credits for EPI 315 during the fall or spring semesters. Concurrent enrollment in classes is not permitted.
  • Students cannot take more than 15 credits worth of courses over the summer. They may petition to take an additional 2.5 credits to present their project.
Please refer to the Summer@ The Harvard Chan School website for more information on the Clinical Effectiveness Program and the Summer Session in Public Health Studies or call 617-432-0168