Summer Programs

Degree students interested in participating in a summer program should contact the Summer Team for information on the registration process. Degree candidates will be charged the pre-credit rate for each course and must pay the summer tuition deposit, except for Summer-only degree students, to confirm their participation. The maximum number of credits allowed in the summer is 15 credits in the Clinical Effectiveness Program and 10 credits in the Summer Session. Billing and credit limits for the SM in Health Care Management is available from the Department of Health Policy and Management.

Academic credits taken during the summer can count toward the degree requirements and tuition paid counts toward the student’s tuition obligation for the particular degree. Students should study their choices carefully before requesting enrollment in summer courses since such enrollment may affect them financially. Students in this situation should contact the Summer Program Team for details at (617)432-1030 or Non-degree summer students are charged on a per-credit basis for their courses as well. If such a student applies for admission to a degree program and is accepted within five years of initial matriculation, up to 20 academic and financial credits may be counted toward the degree program.

Students who withdraw from a summer program may get some of all of their tuition refunded as per the Withdrawal Summer Tuition Refund Schedule posted on the summer website.