Travel Grants

Modest funds are available to support expenses for travel-related Harvard Chan School courses during WinterSession. The WinterSession Administrative Committee will distribute these funds based on the following criteria:

  • Travel support will be provided only for credit-bearing courses. It is expected that these courses will include content before and after the travel experience and a student-generated academic product is part of the course requirements. Support is not available for independent study.
  • The fund will provide 100% of faculty round-trip economy air fare.
  • Students will receive 25% of the economy round-trip air fare up to a set limit for travel between Boston and the location of the travel courses regardless of where the student originates the trip. Per Harvard University travel policy, travelers will not be reimbursed for tickets purchased with frequent flyer miles. This policy also applies to tickets purchased with reward or award points. Travelers will, however, be reimbursed for fees associated with issuing ticket, such as taxes and agency or airline services fees.
  • For group travel, a maximum of 15 students per course will be supported.
  • Depending on the number of students and courses being supported, the fund may be used to cover additional and modest incidental expenses related to the course during the travel portion. Faculty may submit a budget for consideration by the WinterSession Administrative Committee.
  • Students may receive a modest contribution toward per-diem expenses, based on the length of the trip. Determination of the amount will be dependent on funds available.
  • It is expected that departments will cover all faculty per-diem and other course-related expenses for travel-related courses.