Health Services (HUHS)

Harvard University Health Services (HUHS)
Medical Area, 275 Longwood Avenue, Boston (617-432-1370)
Harvard Square Campus and Urgent Care, Smith Campus Center, 75 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge (617-495-5711)

Below is a summary of the services available at Harvard University Health Services (HUHS). We encourage you to visit for detailed, up-to-date information, including department locations, phone numbers, and hours of operation; how to make appointments; event listings and announcements; and additional health information and resources.

Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) provides comprehensive, confidential health care to students, staff, faculty, and their dependents. HUHS has four locations across the Harvard campuses. The main location is in the Smith Campus Center in Harvard Square, with satellite clinics on the Longwood Medical Area, Business School, and Law School campuses. The Longwood Medical Area clinic is located in the west wing of Vanderbilt Hall, across Longwood Avenue from the Tosteson Medical Education Center, and provides primary care and some mental health services. To make an appointment with HUHS in the Medical Area, access the Patient Portal at, or call 617-432-1370.

Services available at the Smith Campus Center include:

  • 24-hour urgent care
  • Primary care
  • Mental health
  • Medical/sugical subspecialties
  • Pediatrics

Medical Emergencies
If you experience a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

Urgent Care
Urgent Care for non-routine, urgent medical concerns or symptoms is available 24 hours a day at the Smith Campus Center location.  Students can schedule same-day non-routine appointments online through the Patient Portal.  Whenever possible, students are encouraged to call their health care team or mental health provider for advice during regular office hours.

Primary Care/Internal Medicine
HUHS is committed to providing each student with complete, coordinated health care through a working relationship with a primary care team comprised of a primary care physician, nurse practitioner, registered nurses, and health assistants. Students with chronic medical conditions are advised to establish a relationship with the health care team early in the academic year.  It will be helpful to provide copoies of medical records for health care received at other facilities.

Required Immunizations

Massachusetts has strict immunization requirements that you must meet in order to register for classes. Immunizations help protect you from illnesses and contribute to the overall well being of our community.  We encourage you to receive any required immunizations before you arrive at Harvard, as many private health plans will cover the cost. If you are unable to obtain these prior to your arrival on campus, you may arrange to get immunizations at various locations in the area, including HUHS. Please note that your health plan may not cover immunizations you receive at HUHS, in which case you will be responsible for the cost of the immunizations. Please note that the Student Health Insrance Plan covers preventive immunizations only at HUSH. All students are required to comply with the Massachusetts immunization regulations and submit a complete immunization history to Harvard University Health Services prior to registration. Incomplete or overdue forms may delay registration.

Travel Health Immunizations and Information
HUHS provides immunizations and related services, including expert counseling and advice for individual travel health needs, on a fee-for-service basis. HUHS recommends scheduling travel health appointments six to eight weeks in advance of travel.

Counseling and Mental Health Services

HUHS Counseling and Mental Health Services (CAMHS) provides coverage to students year round. Counseling is available for a wide variety of concerns, including:

  • Bereavement
  • Transitional issues and adjustment difficulties
  • Depression, anxiety, or stress
  • Concerns interfering with work or relationships
  • Sexual concerns
  • High-risk behaviors around food, alcohol, and/or other substances

Treatment options include individual psychotherapy, medication management, and group therapy. All visits are confidential and mental health records are held separately from the rest of the medical record, except for information on medications and hospitalizations. Counseling and Mental Health Services are also offered at satellite health clinics on the Business School, Law School, and Medical Area campuses.

Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response
24-hour response line: (617) 495-9100
The Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (OSAPR) provides confidential, 24-hour information, assistance, and support for those who have experienced sexual assault and related forms of interpersonal violence, including sexual harassment and relationship abuse. Services provided by HUHS and OSAPR include:

  •  24-hour response line (617-495-9100) for those in immediate need of services
  • Transportation to Harvard-affiliated hospitals and coordination of follow-up care as appropriate
  • Assistance with resource referrals
  • Explanation of options for medical and mental health care, reporting, and adjudication
  • Consultation and support for friends, partners, and other relations of sexual assault survivors
  • Education for the Harvard community about sexual assault, its prevention, and its impact

Students may access these services by calling or visiting the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response. All communications and services are completely confidential and no information about the victim will be reported to the police unless the victim requests it.

Center for Wellness

The Center for Wellness is a University-wide resource that is focused on promoting the lifelong health and well-being of those in the Harvard community. The approach is three fold and focuses on mind/body wellness. The Center for Wellness offers group classes and workshops, individual appointments for massage and acupuncture, and collaborates with a number of student groups and other offices around the University in health promotion and education.

Patient Advocate

The Patient Advocate is available to assist students with any questions, comments or concerns. All communications are confidential.

Special Needs
HUHS is prepared to meet the general and special health care needs of students. Early contact with a primary care clinician is advised to establish a base for continuity of care during a student’s active stay at Harvard. A variety of access services are available through the Accessible Education Office,, including sign language and oral interpreters. The Patient Advocate is available to assist individuals with special needs.

Student Peer Advocate Workgroup
The Student Peer Advocate Workgroup is a student organization affiliated with Harvard University Health Services (HUHS), providing a channel for Harvard students to express their views and provide suggestions about the services they receive at HUHS. The group works closely with the Patient Advocate to assist students in resolving their concerns, promoting a better understanding of health care services at Harvard, improving the relationship students have with HUHS, and developing services to better meet their needs.

Other Services

  • Pharmacy
  • Dental
  • Vision care and eye services
  • Optical shop

Note: Not all of these services are covered by insurance.

For more information or to make an online appointment, please visit Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of a scheduled appointment, or the student will incur a charge.Students renewing prescriptions should call their provider directly at least 48 hours in advance to allow time to process the request.

HUHS protects the confidentiality of all health and health-related records to the full extent of the law. These records are accessed only by the HUHS staff members directly involved in the patient’s care and on a need-to-know basis. Each and every staff member employed by or affiliated with HUHS must participate in a thorough training and orientation on health information privacy and security laws and standards, and sign a confidentiality statement agreeing to maintain patient privacy within and outside the workplace. With limited exceptions, written authorization from a student is necessary to release record information. The student may designate that only certain elements of his or her record can be released.