Sustainability & Health Student Forum at the Harvard Chan School


The Sustainability & Health Student Forum at the Harvard Chan School is a student organization whose mission is to provide public health students a platform for discourse and action on addressing pressing challenges facing the health of people and planet, from climate change and urbanization, to energy and food security, to migration and green healthcare.


• To provide a dynamic space for meaningful discussions and debates around current and emerging issues on sustainability and health

• To enable students to share latest knowledge, skills, and practices vital for sustainability and health

• To serve as a venue for advocacy around the nexus of health and sustainability

• To develop collaborative research and implementation projects that examine and address challenges at the heart of sustainability and health




President: Renzo Guinto (DrPH)

Vice President for External Affairs: Kate Perry (DrPH)

Vice President for Internal Affairs: Kate Robb (DrPH)

Secretary: Julia Olson (MPH Global Health)

Treasurer: Chang Lu (SM2 Epidemiology)

Faculty Advisor: Eileen McNeely RN,C., M.S., Ph.D.