Fellows and Mentors

The initial focus of SEARCH will be on the risk factors for cardiovascular disease and stroke in four emerging economies: Brazil and Mexico in Latin America, and China and India in Asia. Eleven postdoctoral fellows have been awarded grants to conduct research based on existing data sets/cohorts. Each fellow will have a mentor at Harvard and Swiss Re. Each fellow and his/her mentor are listed below, either by country or risk-factor.


  1. Gregore Mielke, HSPH Mentor: I-Min Lee; Other Mentor (in Brazil), Pedro Hallal
  2. Marcia Otto, HSPH Mentor: Dariush Mozaffarian
  3. Claudia Suemoto, HSPH Mentor: Goodarz Danaei


  1. Yanping Li, HSPH Mentor: Lu Qi
  2. Hongyu Wu, HSPH Mentors: Frank Hu, Dr. Qi Sun 


  1. Shilpa Bhupathiraju, HSPH Mentor: Frank Hu
  2. Daniel Corsi, HSPH Mentor: Subu Subramanian


  1. Hiram Beltran-Sanchez, HSPH Mentor: Subu Subramanian
  2. Martin Lajous, HSPH Mentor: Joe Brain


  1. Hillel Alpert (Risk Factor – Smoking), HSPH Mentor: Greg Connolly
  2. Jennifer Nguyen (Risk Factor – Indoor/Outdoor Air Pollution)HSPH Mentor: Doug Dockery

Please click here to download the Fellow & Mentor Overview.