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The Systematic Explanatory Analyses of Risk factors affecting Cardiovascular Health (SEARCH) project includes 11 postdoctoral fellows who have been awarded grants to conduct research on existing data sets and cohorts. These existing data and cohorts include data from four countries and five risk factor categories; each fellow focuses on one or more country group and/or risk factor.  The country groups include Brazil, China, India, and Mexico; the risk factors include smoking, diet & metabolism, indoor & outdoor air pollution, physical activity, and health systems.

h  alpert
Hillel Alpert

hiram beltran-sanchez
Hiram Beltran-Sanchez

Mexico // Diet & Metabolism
shilpa bhupathiraju
Shilpa Bhupathiraju

India // Diet & Metabolism
daniel corsi
Daniel Corsi

India // Diet & Metabolism
martin lajous
Martin Lajous

yanping li
Yanping Li

China // Smoking, Diet & Metabolism, Health Systems
gregore mielke
Gregore Mielke

Brazil // Physical Activity
jennifer nguyen
Jennifer Nguyen

Brazil, Mexico // Indoor & Outdoor Air Pollution
marcia otto
Marcia Otto

Brazil // Diet & Metabolism
claudia suemoto
Claudia Suemoto

Brazil // Diet & Metabolism
hongyu wu
Hongyu Wu

China // Diet & Metabolism, Physical Activity, Smoking