Areas of Research

seminar_standing_dec08 (IMG_6.jpg)The primary goals of research under the Takemi Program are to investigate how resources are allocated and used for health purposes and to develop methods for making such policy choices more rational and equitable. The Program promotes research on the world’s most urgent health needs, especially in the developing countries, and the most effective ways to meet them. Research projects carried out at Harvard by previous Takemi Fellows include the following:

  • “Challenges to Reforming the Health Sector in South Africa”
  • “Air Pollution from Residential Energy Use in China”
  • “Chagas’ Disease Among Blood Donors in Bolivia”
  • “The Case of Hypertensive Care: An Empirical Test of Drug Expenditures Model”
  • “Medical Education in the Hanoi School of Medicine”

The research activities of the Takemi Program have a strong practical emphasis. Fellows carry out their research projects at Harvard, generally using data they bring with them. The projects are expected to be closely linked to action programs and to Fellows’ subsequent work after returning home. Program findings and results are disseminated widely and opportunities are sought to apply them in various settings.

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