Working Papers 1994-1999


Code Title Name Year
RP88 Burden of Injury in India: Utilization & Expenditure Pattern  Anil Gumber Aug-94
RP95 Reforming China’s Professional Education in Public Health Hui-LQing Lin Aug-95
RP96 Resource Consumption and Functional Deterioration in Elderly Care Tai Takahashi and  Karin Dumbaugh Aug-95
RP97 Mechanism of Resource Allocation in Long-term Care Tai Takashahi & Karin Dumbaugh Aug-95
RP98 Effect of Staffing Level on the Quality of Service in a Long Term Care Facility Tai Takahashi, Jyun and Karin Dumbaugh Aug-95
RP99 The Effect of Economic Factors on Patient’s Choice of Medical Providers: A case Study in Rural China Hong Wang Aug-95
RP100 Female Adolescent Rites and the Reproductive Health of Young Women in Morogoro, Tanzania Salha Hamdani Aug-95
RP101 The Cost-Effectiveness of Blood Donor Screening Programs to Identify Transfusion Transmitted Chagas’ Disease in Bolivia Chiaki Miyoshi Aug-95
RP103 Should Health Insurance Contributions be Tax Deductible? A Political and Economic Analysis Max Price Aug-95
RP104 Strategies for Improving Health of Residents in Rural Nigeria: Cost-Effectiveness of a Women’s Health Cooperative Versus Ministry Workers in Ivermectin (Mectizan) Distribution Justina Ogbuokiri Aug-95
RP105 Specification of a Consumer Demand Model for Ethical Drugs in a Regulated Environment Christine Huttin Jun-95
RP106 The case of Hypertensive Care: An empirical test of drug expenditure model for hypertension in the case of a French population Christine Huttin Jun-95
RP107 Visual Acuity, Microfilarial Load, Nodules and Nutritional Status Among Adults With Onchocerciasis Infections in South East Nigeria Obioma Nwaorgu Aug-95
RP107a Appendix
RP108 Onchocerca Infection, Onchocercomata, Visual Acuity and Nutritional Status in Children in an Endemic Area of South Eastern Nigeria Obioma Nwaorgu Aug-95
RP108a Appendix
RP112 Women in the Informal Labor Market in a Developing Metropolis: Agents for Change Amanullah Khan and Asma Fozia Quereshi Jul-96
RP113 Reducing Maternal Mortality in Pakistan Amanullah Khan and Asma Fozia Quereshi Jul-96
RP114 Reproductive Decision Making Within Muslim Families in Squatter Settlements of Karachi, Pakistan Amanullah Khan et al., Jul-96
RP116 NORPLANT as a Contraceptive Device in Enugu, Eastern Nigeria Benjamin Ozumba Jul-96
RP117 Quality Management: A Challenge for the Health Care System in Poland Malgorzata Nabialczyk Jul-96
RP118 Private Hospital Sector in Madras City: Some Preliminary Observation V.R. Muraleedharan Jul-96
RP120 Comparative Analysis of National Drug Policies: The Thailand Experience Sauwakon Ratanawijitransin Jul-96
RP121 Private Sector Growth in Korea : Issues and Implications Bong-min Yang Jun-96
RP122 Performance and Efficiency of Public Hospitals in Mexico Carlos Avila Aug-96
RP123 A Location Model Applied to Health Care Planning Roberto Iunes Aug-96
RP126 Decentralization Policy in the National Health Sercice of Mozambique Roberto Gnesotto Jun-97
RP131 Future Prospects of Voluntary Health Insurance in Thailand Siripen Supakankunti Jun-97
RP132 Technical Efficiency of the Hospital Industry and its Influencing Factors in Korea Jin-Hyun Kim Jun-97
RP133 The Processes of Health Sector Reform in Sierra Leone Akim Gibril Jun-97
RP134 Household-Related Variables and Reported Illness in Street Vendors and Their Children in a South African City William Pick Jun-97
RP135 The Reproductive Health of Women Street Vendors in Johannesburg, South Africa William Pick Jun-97
RP138 The Uneven Implementation of User Fee Policy in Ghana Nii Ayite Coleman Jun-97
RP139 Emerging Reproductive Health Issues W. Indralal De Silva Mar-98
RP140 Maceconomic Policy Change and Household Health Outcomes: A Simulation of the Impact of the 1988-1992 Tariff Reform Program on the Demand for Outpatient Care in the Philippines Ancieto Orbeta Jun-98
RP141 An Analysis of Health Care Financing in Cameroon Using a National Health Account Framework Joseph Ntangsi Jun-98
RP142 Help Seeking Behavior and Coping with Onchocercal Skin Disease in Endemic Communities of Southwestern Ghana Albert Awedoba Jun-98
RP143 Creating Environmental Value in Taiwan James Chan Jun-98
RP144 Equity of Health Sector Financing and Delivery in India Charu Garg Jun-98
RP145 National Health Accounts for India: A Case Study of Karnataka Charu Garg Jun-98
RP146 The Process of Formulating Health Policies in the Research Institute of the Japan Medical Association Katsumi Numsawa Jun-98
RP151 Can the Community Health Workers (CHWs) Reduce Utilization of Health for Children Under Five Years Juraci Cesar Jun-98
RP152 Evaluating the Impact and Cost of Interventions with Community Health Workers on Child Health: A Brazilian Experience Juraci Cesar Jun-98
RP153 Health Care Delivery to Foreign Workers in Israel Dianne Coggan Jun-98
RP154 A Review of a Mass Immunization Campaign in Polio Eradication Initiative and Tanzania Case in 1996 Motoi Adachi Jun-99
RP155 Japanese Health Reform Through Managed Care Zaiken Nishida Jun-99
RP 156 Simulation Experiment for Economical Impact by Physicans’ Excessive Increase in Japan Zaiken Nishida Jun-99
RP157 American Medical Association (AMA) and its Membership Strategy and Possible Applications for the Japan Medical Association (JMA) Yuji Noto Jun-99
RP158 Trends in Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Regulation – Issues and Challenges for South Africa Mavis Hermanus Jun-99
RP159 Manganese – A Public Health Concern. Its Relevance for Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Regulation in South Africa Mavis Hermanus Jun-99
RP160 Child Labor in Health: Problems and Perspectives Anaclaudia Fassa Jun-99
RP161 Bullets and Bandages: Public Health as a Tool of Engagement in the Philippines Marilen Danguilan Jun-99
RP162 Access and Utilization of Modern Health Care Facilities in the Petroleum Producing Areas of Nigeria Andrew Onokerhoraye Jun-99
RP165 Improving the Efficiency of Public Health Care Units in Tamil Nadu, India Durairaj Varatharajan Dec-99