Takemi Program 30th Anniversary Symposium, October 11-12, 2013

Takemi Program 30th logo croppedWe are pleased to announce the publication of Governing Health Systems: For Nations and Communities Around the World (Lamprey & Lee, April 14, 2015).   Order your copy now on Amazon.com.  Ebooks can be purchased through the publisher.


Please take a few moments to view a beautiful video about the Takemi Program in International Health (produced in conjunction with the 30th Anniversary Symposium Oct. 11-12, 2013):

The Takemi Program in International Health held its 30th Anniversary Symposium Celebration on October 11 & 12, 2013

The Symposium took place on Harvard campuses in Cambridge and Boston, on the theme of “Governing Health Systems: Community, National, and Global Challenges.”  A total of 78 former and current Takemi Program participants attended the celebration with academic, social, and celebratory events and sessions taking place over the course of the two-day Symposium. A Summary Report on the  Symposium with Program Brochure includes a brief description of the events, lists of all Takemi Fellows and other participants, brief bios on speakers at the Symposium, a list of papers presented, and the full program brochure with agenda and history of the Takemi Program.

Photos from the Symposium can be viewed here:* Symposium Photos  *Photos are for personal use only by participants (for example, prints or posted to a website), and cannot be sold or made available to third parties.   Photos of all 30 groups of Takemi Fellows to date: here.

The Japan Medical Association will hold a Symposium to Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Takemi Program on November 23 in Tokyo

(The agenda for the Symposium is available in English and in Japanese.)