toastmaster international

Are you preparing for the day you give your dream TED talk in the next 20 years? Or are you looking to hone your presentation skills? 

Come to Toastmasters to boost your public speaking skills and confidence! Harvard Chan Toastmasters Student Gavel Club is a branch of the international organization aimed at cultivating communication and leadership skills. All interested parties are welcome to join and become members. Please email harvardchantoastmasters@gmail.com with any inquiries, and go to https://forms.gle/NEGyeYtM3mpaPSXR9 to sign up for the mailing list. See you there!

Carol Wei, President, cwei@hsph.harvard.edu 
Dana Rosenberg, Vice President of Education, drosenberg@hsph.harvard.edu 
Dhruv Joglekar, Vice President of Membership, dhruvjoglekar@hsph.harvard.edu 

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