Janet Napolitano, President, University of California

The Difference Between Management and Leadership Wednesday, March 25, 2015 Watch on YouTube. Janet Napolitano was named the 20th president of the University of California on July 18, 2013, and took office on Sept. 30, 2013. She leads a university system with 10 campuses, five medical centers, three affiliated national laboratories, and a statewide agriculture and natural resources program. Napolitano is a distinguished public servant with a record of leading large, complex organizations at the federal and state levels. She served as Secretary … Continue reading “Janet Napolitano, President, University of California”

Elaine Kamarck, Senior Fellow in Governance Studies, Brookings

Elaine Kamarck spoke on Leading Change: The Convergence of Politics and Policy, discussing how her career evolved between academia and politics, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and changes in the nature of politics from the early 1990′s to now.

Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson

Leadership in Sensitive International Missions Watch on YouTube. Bill Richardson completed his second term as Governor of New Mexico in 2010. Governor Richardson moved New Mexico forward in several important areas, including making New Mexico the “Clean Energy State” by requiring that utilities meet 20% of New Mexico’s electrical demand from renewable sources and expanding access to quality health care by implementing several initiatives that provide affordable coverage solution options for every child under the age of 12 years old. … Continue reading “Former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson”