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Voices in Leadership organizes Student Writing Fellows to attend the events as audience members and write articles capturing the dialogue’s context beyond the webcast. These reflection pieces are based on discussions the speaker has during the Voices program and are published on our Leadership Blog via Medium.

Published Articles

Meet the Writing Fellows for 2016-2017!

Achieving Impact Through Collaboration: A Conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Nabel, by Chloe Slocum

Guided By A Mission: Learning to Lead with Baroness Tessa Jowell, by Chloe Slocum 

Values and Actions: Lessons in Activism and Organizing from Peter Staley, by Junaid Nabi

Facing the Nation – On Media and Politics: A Conversation with Bob Schieffer, by Phillip Murray 

Never Waste a Crisis: Leadership Lessons from Senator Trent Lott, by Junaid Nabi

Communicating Leadership in Times of Crises: A Conversation with Ann Compton,
by Chloe Slocum

Leading Towards the Finish Lines in Global Health: A Conversation with Dr. Muhammad Pate, by Renzo Guinto


Articles from 2015-2016

Meet the Writing Fellows for 2015-2016

Men too, Can Be Good Women: A Conversation with Dr. Helene Gayle, by Michael Mensah

Try Harder: A Conversation with Senator Elizabeth Warren, by Kajal Mehta

Leading Through Unstoppable Energy, on Donna Shalala, by Quincy Nang

Common Ground Requires Uncommon Courage: A Conversation with Senator Thomas Daschle, by Michael Mensah

Chasing challenges: Pushing environmental health forward, on Gina McCarthy, by Jessica Lau

For Strength is But a Matter of Focused Will, on Belen Garijo, by Quincy Nang

Redefining Global Health: Dr. Nils Daulaire on Global Health for the 21st Century, by Kajal Mehta

Leadership Lessons from David Ensor, Former Director, Voice of America, by Quincy Nang

Preparing for the Unexpected, with Dr. Alan Garber, by Jessica Lau

How do aspiring servant leaders become purposeful pioneers in public health?: A brief reflection on a conversation with Dr. David Satcher, by Michael Mensah

The Heart of a Leader, on Dr. Howard Koh, by Kajal Mehta

Crossing Borders: Dr. Gerald Chan on building a multidisciplinary, international career, by Jessica Lau


Articles from 2014-2015

Redefining the Impossible: Dr. Debrework Zewdie on how to successfully drive a global health agenda, by Roosa Sofia Tikkanen

Turning the Wheels of Change: Dr. Trevor Mundel on how to train a new generation of global health leaders, by Roosa Sofia Tikkanen

Finding Simple Answers: Dr. Atul Gawande on how life as a surgeon inspired his passion for writing and solving problems, by Leo Brown

Championing Girls: Chelsea Clinton on how family and a love of data have shaped her journey in public health, by Roosa Sofia Tikkanen

From Desert to Sea to Shining Sea: University of California President and Former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano offers leadership pearls from a distinguished career in public service, by Leo Brown

Learning Leadership: Eli Lilly Chairman, President and CEO John C. Lechleiter on Seizing the Opportunity at Hand, by Esther Velasquez

Making Headway on Big Dreams: Minister Leslie Ramsammy on transforming health care in Guyana, by Leo Brown

Bucking Expectations: Dr. Mark Smith on harnessing professional diversity, by Esther Velasquez

Withstanding the Unglamorous Path: Dr. Paul Farmer on being a global health champion, by Esther Velasquez

The Female Advantage in Leadership: Governor Christine Gregoire on women in politics, by Roosa Sofia Tikkanen

Leading to Deliver: Sir Michael Barber on data and public policy, by Roosa Sofia Tikkanen

Optimism in Times of Turbulence: Kathleen Sebelius on improving the nation’s health, by Roosa Sofia Tikkanen

Competence in the face of Uncertainty: Joanne Kenen on what it takes in health journalism, by Leo Brown