Humanitarian Negotiation

GHP 543 Frontline Negotiation Lab: Humanitarian Negotiation in Response to Mixed Migration Flow in Europe

Since 2006, Claude Bruderlein and his team have developed an experiential field-based learning program for graduate students at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, the T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the Harvard Law School, as well as other schools within the Harvard network.

The purpose of the Winter Field Study Course is to bring graduate students to review strategic approaches for navigating the challenges and dilemmas of some of the most complex political and humanitarian issues. In line with an experiential learning methodology emphasizing a direct engagement with relevant actors of the domain, the course examines a specific complex humanitarian emergency as a means to furthering a critical reflection on global issues, set the basis of a professional dialogue with leading humanitarian organizations and thinkers, building exchanges between Harvard University graduate students and field practitioners, and to shed light on professional negotiation practices on the frontlines of humanitarian action. Such cases represent an interesting and sophisticated political, social, legal, and policy environment for graduate students to analyze the various agendas and situational factors involved in a humanitarian crisis through interdisciplinary, scientific lenses.

Building on 15 years of Winter Field Study Courses which explored humanitarian negotiations in the West Bank, Nepal, Indonesia, Lebanon, Jordan, Human Trafficking in Europe, Sahel Migration in Morocco/ Italy and Gender-based Violence in India, the 2022 course will focus its attention on negotiating the humanitarian response to migration from western Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa to Europe and the social, economic, and political implications of displacement and resulting migration in conflict environments.

The 2022 edition of the course is planned to take place onsite in Southern Europe with a particular dealing with the humanitarian implications of mixed migrant flows in Greece, pending COVID-19 travel requirements and applicable Harvard policies in January 2022.

GHP 543 Applications are due Sunday, October 3 at 11:59pm ET

Course Note: Cross-listed course: HKS IGA-353M, and therefore may have limited spaces available for Harvard Chan students.

For more information, interested students should contact the course coordinator, Maura James.