Reimbursement Policy

Travel expenses and materials fees are not considered part of tuition and will be borne by the student. However, modest funds are available to support expenses of students for travel-related Harvard Chan School courses during Winter Session. These funds are only available for Harvard Chan School degree students.

Students receive 25% of the economy round-trip airfare (as funded by the Office for Student Services) up to a set limit, based upon the airfare between Boston and the location of travel, regardless of where the student originates the trip. Per Harvard University Travel Policy, travelers will not be reimbursed for tickets purchased with frequent flyer miles. Travelers will, however, be reimbursed for fees associated with issuing the ticket, such as taxes and agency or airline services fees. This policy also applies to tickets purchased with reward or award points. Chan School students may also receive a modest contribution towards per diem expenses, based upon the length of the trip and will be determined by available funds. In past years, the contribution has hovered around $75 to $100 per week of travel.

Original receipts are required for reimbursement (including airfare receipts). Confirmation of airfare or of a student’s reservation is not acceptable. The student must submit a document that states it is an airfare receipt. On an electronic ticket, there is usually a “Print a Receipt” icon on the confirmation page of your reservation from which you can download an airfare receipt. If a student is issued a paper ticket, the receipt is usually the last page.

Due to the remote locations to which students travel, receipts for lodging, food and local transportation are often unavailable. Students should try to get receipts whenever possible and supply them for their per diem reimbursement.

Upon returning to Boston, students should submit their receipts within 30 days to Karen Brown in the Office for Student Services, Kresge G4, for reimbursement.  Students will also sign reimbursement paperwork when submitting their receipts.  Students may be required to provide Karen with their email address in order to be registered as a supplier in the Harvard payment system if they are not already listed in the system or if their mailing address needs to be updated if they are listed.  Students will then receive a supplier invitation via email so please follow the instructions to complete registration. Please note that the invitation may arrive in a student’s spam inbox.

Foreign students may also need to submit GLACIER documentation to complete supplier registration. Prior to receiving an email invitation from GLACIER, an email from Harvard will be sent confirming that it is safe to proceed and complete GLACIER.

Once registration is successfully completed, students will receive an email confirmation that they have been approved as a supplier.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please contact Karen Brown at or 617-432-4067.