Diverse Voices: Covid-19, Intersectionality, and the Health of Women
27 January 2021
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Featuring Dr. Ana Langer, M.D. and Dr. Jewel Gausman, Sc. D., M.H.S
Presented by: The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Research on Women’s Health (ORWH)

Women in the Global Health Workforce
9 October 2019
2:00 PM – 2:30 PM
Featuring the 2019 Jane Jie Sun Women in Global Health LEAD Fellows: Sai Subhasree Raghavan, Stela Bivol, Shabnum Sarfraz, Maureen Luba
Moderated by Ana Langer
Presented byHarvard Global Health Institute (HGHI) and the Women and Health Initiative at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
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“Deaths From Pregnancy and Childbirth: Why Are More U.S. Mothers Dying and What Can Be Done?”
4 March 2019
Noon – 1pm EST
Featuring Ana Langer, Wanda Barfield, Haywood Brown, Susan Mann, Karen Scott; moderated by Tina Martin
The Forum at HSPH presented jointly with PRI’s The World and WGBH
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First Community on Women and NCDs webinar
5 March 2019
11:00 GMT/6:00 EST
Featuring Ana Langer
Hosted by the World Health Organization and The George Institute for Global Health

Women and the Global Health Workforce: Driving Actions for Health and Gender Equity
22 October 2018
4:00-7:00pm ET
Keynote Speaker: Patricia Garcia, Former Minister of Health of Peru
Featuring: Kathryn Rexrode, Ashish Jha, Lori Adelman, Jessica Cohen, Ana Langer, Nancy Street and Ingrid Katz
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Global Maternal Health Symposium
17 September 2018
2:00-5:30pm ET
Joseph B. Martin Center in Boston, MA
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“Empowering Girls, Transforming Communities: The Power of Grassroots Leadership”
Voices in Leadership event with Kakenya Ntaiya, Founder and President of the Kakenya Center for Excellence
8 March 2018
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International Women’s Day 2018 Luncheon
HSPH | Women, Gender, and Health
8 March 2018

“Heart and Brain Disease in Women: Sex and Gender Connections”
Presented jointly with STAT

The Forum at Harvard School of Public Health featuring Jill Goldstein, Marjorie Jenkins, Ana Langer, and British Robinson
28 February 2018
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“Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Safe Motherhood Initiative at the Wilson Center”
Wilson Center Dialogue featuring Barbara Kwast, Mary Ellen Stanton, Ann Starrs, Dr. Mary-Ann Etiebet,  Dorothy Lazaro, Address Malata and Betsy McCallon, moderated by Petra ten Hoope-Bender and Rima Jolivet
8 December 2017
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“Investing in the Health, Rights and Wellbeing of Girls and Women: Powering Progress for All”
A special conversation with Katja Iversen, President/CEO of Women Deliver
2 November 2017
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“Non-Communicable Diseases and Maternal Health Around the Globe”
A panel discussion featuring Katja Iversen, Lindsay Jaacks, Astrid Kamperman, Adya Misra and Otilia Perichart-Perera
2 November 2017
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Harvard Worldwide Week special symposium: “Women and the Global Health Workforce”
Featuring Ana Langer, Ashish Jha, Sania Nishtar, Peter Berman, Nazneen Damji and Julia M. Reilly
Co-hosted with the Harvard Global Health Institute
23 October 2017
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“Contraceptive Autonomy in Burkina Faso: A New Approach to Family Planning Measurement”
Friday Luncheon Seminar featuring Leigh Senderowicz
15 September 2017
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“Reaching the Farthest Behind: Facility-level Innovations in Maternal Health”
Wilson Center Dialogue featuring Geeta Lal, Monica Kerrigan, Nick Pearson and John Simon, moderated by Roger-Mark De Souza
14 September 2017
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“Does the Safe Childbirth Checklist Program Save Newborn Lives? Evidence From Rajasthan, India”
Seminar featuring Dr. Beena Varghese, Senior Health Economist, Public Health Foundation of India
31 August 2017
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“Integrating Respectful Maternity Care Into Quality Improvement Initiatives”
Webinar co-hosted by the Maternal Health Task Force and Ariadne Labs
17 July 2017
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“Humanitarian Response in Urban Settings: Meeting the Maternal and Newborn Health Needs of Displaced Persons”
Wilson Center Dialogue featuring Sarah Ashraf, Stephanie Kayden, Samer Saliba and Alicia Wilson, moderated by Mary Nell Wegner
31 May 2017
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“Abortion and Contraception Care in the US: Research for Improving Policy and Practice”
W&HI Seminar featuring Kelly Blanchard, President of Ibis Reproductive Health
4 May 2017
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“Too Much Too Soon: Addressing Over-Intervention in Maternity Care”
Wilson Center Dialogue featuring Suellen Miller, Saraswathi Vedam and Myriam Vuckovic, moderated by Anneka Knutsson
24 April 2017
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“Access to Safe Abortion in Nepal: Implications of the Global Gag Rule”
W&HI Seminar featuring Smriti Thapa
Co-sponsored with the Harvard Chan Students for Nepal Society
12 April 2017
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“The Racialization of Abortion: A Dirty Jedi Mind Trick”
W&HI Seminar featuring Dr. Willie Parker
27 March 2017
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“Public Health & Cities: Women as agents of change”
The Leadership Studio
Featuring Monica Valdes Lupi, Lynn Freedman, Jessica Cohen and Peter Berman, moderated by Ana Langer
22 March 2017

“Neglected Populations: Decreasing Inequalities & Improving Measurement in Maternal Health”
The Leadership Studio
Featuring Christna Chap, Stephen Hodgins, Patience Afulani and Esther C. Atukunda, moderated by Mary Nell Wegner
21 November 2016

“Challenges of Maternal and Perinatal Mortality Surveillance in a Rural District of Pakistan”
W&HI Seminar featuring Jasim Anwar, Visiting Graduate Student, W&HI
17 November 2016
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“What Next? Putting The Lancet Maternal Health Series Into Action”
Wilson Center Dialogue featuring Elena Ateva, Clara Calvert, Lynn Freedman, Laurel Hatt, Kathleen Hill, Marge Koblinsky, Suellen Miller and Gloria Sangiwa
28 October 2016
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“Trust Black Women”
W&HI Seminar featuring Monica Raye Simpson, Executive Director of SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective
24 October 2016
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“Engaging Men in Maternal Health: Why it’s Important, How to Do it and Why it’s so Difficult”
W&HI Seminar featuring Duncan Fisher, Family Director at The Family Initiative
13 September 2016
Event Summary
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“After Copenhagen, What Next for Women and Girls?”
Wilson Center Dialogue featuring Alix Bacon, Dr. Mary Nambao and Susan Papp
18 July 2016
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“After Mexico City and Before Copenhagen: Keeping Our Promise to Mothers and Newborns”
Wilson Center Dialogue featuring Dr. Ana Langer, Koki Agarwal, Dr. Mariam Claeson, Joy Riggs-Perla and others
13 April 2016
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“How Zika Is Shaping the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Agenda”
Wilson Center Dialogue featuring Marcia Castro, Dr. Laura Laski, Chloë Cooney and others
12 April 2016
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“Global Maternal Newborn Health: Current Progress and Future Directions”
GHP Thursday Seminar featuring Ana Langer, Grace Chan, Alicia Yamin, Margaret Kruk and moderated by Mary Nell Wegner
4 February 2016