Women and the Global Health Workforce

Following the publication of the Lancet Commission on Women and Health that highlights women’s contributions to health care and their status in health systems globally, as well as several analyses exploring whether or not women make better doctors, the Women and Health Initiative (W&HI) is working with the Harvard Global Health Institute to examine the current state of evidence related to gender and the global health workforce. Specific topics of interest include:

  • Recruitment, training and retention of the health workforce
  • Differences in the quality of services and/or patient experience of care
  • Gender transformative policies including parental leave and pay equity
  • Leadership and decision-making within global health

As part of this project, the W&HI plans to collaborate with additional partners within and outside of Harvard University. The aim of this work is to contribute valuable knowledge about women’s paid and unpaid roles in the global health workforce that will ultimately help to inform policy change.