Women’s Health Content Courses

EH241 [2.5 credits, Fall]  Occupational Safety and Injury Prevention

EH298 [2.5 credits, Spring 2]    Environmental Epigenetics

EPI213 [2.5 credits, Spring 1]    Epidemiology of Cancer

EPI223 [2.5 credits, Spring 2]    Cardiovascular Epidemiology

EPI224 [2.5 credits, Spring 2]    Cancer Prevention

EPI269 [2.5 credits, Fall 2]   Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology I

EPI270 [1.25 credits, Spring 2]   Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology II

GHP231 [2.5 credits, Spring 1]    Sexual and Reproductive Health: A Global Perspective

GHP547 [1.25 credits, Winter]    Field Experience in Maternal Health

HPM213 [2.5 credits, Spring 2]    Public Health Law

SBS201 [2.5 credits, Fall 1]    Society and Health

SBS208 [2.5 credits, Fall 1]    Adolescent Health

SBS219 [2.5 credits, Spring 2]   High Risk-Behavior: Epidemiology/Prevention Strategies

SBS222 [2.5 credits, Spring 1]  Social Services for Children, Adolescents, and Families

SBS236 [2.5 credits, Spring 1]  Social Epidemiology

SBS246 [2.5 credits, Fall 2]    Issues in Maternal and Child Health Programs and Policies

SBS360 [1.25 credits, Fall/Spring]    Maternal Child Health/Children Youth and Families Seminar



EH: Department of Environmental Health

EPI: Department of Epidemiology

GHP: Department of Global Health and Population

HPM: Department of Health Policy and Management

SBS: Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Last Updated: August 16, 2021