Principal Investigator:
Thomas Bossert, Lecturer on International Health Policy


Department of Global Health and Population/ Health Systems Group

Dates of Research:
January 25, 2006 — February 29, 2008


The central government of India and various state governments have made an active commitment towards decentralizing “”funds, functions, and functionaries”” to local governments and to support local planning. At the same time, management of services and many public health functions need strengthening at state and lower levels of government. In response this project will provide technical support on multiple health, nutrition and population projects. The project will assist India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to: respond appropriately to the current changes in health systems governance; ensure that its operations are consistent with the development of decentralized government at the different levels; help design innovative mechanisms of decentralization at different authorities; and design and implement effective strategies for better management of public health programs, especially as they relate to the essential public health functions discussed above.

This project took place in