Yoav Green

Research Fellow

Department of Environmental Health

My name is Yoav Green. I am postdoctoral researcher in Jeffery Fredberg‘s laboratory. Our lab’s research focuses on understanding the jamming-unjamming transition in cells. This transition has been well documented in granular systems as well as inert soft matter system. However, it has only been recently observed in cells.

Consider water – above a critical temperature, water is fluid-like but below that temperature, the water solidifies into ice which is a solid like structure. Cells shows a very similar transition only now the critical parameter is a function of the geometry as well as the cell’s mechanical properties. Starting with a stratified layer, one can tune the parameters so that the caged cells will unjam from their solid-like structure and start flowing.

It should be noted that analogy between the cells and water is not strictly correct, as water undergoes a first-order phase transition, and the cells under a second-order phase transition.

I have only transitioned from the field of nanofluidics and electrokinetics to the field of Bio-phyics/Bio-mechanics. Hence, I am still working on defining my research project. No-less important – I don’t want to be scooped. So follow my website for further updates.

Prior to joining the Fredberg lab, I graduated with a Phd in mechanical engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. I also hold a M.Sc. in physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science. My B.Sc. is in aerospace engineering – from the Technion as well. See my CV (in Publications) and  Past Research Interests for more details.