About us

The Boston Cell Death Initiative was launched by Kristopher Sarosiek (sarosieklab.org) and Ben Croker (crokerlab.com) in 2018.  Kenichi Shimada helped coordinate the discussion series. In early 2020, the Initiative went on hiatus due to the COVID pandemic and was re-launched in early 2023.

This discussion series seeks to nucleate collaborations and sharing of reagents and expertise among the many research laboratories in Boston and Worcester focused on cell death in all its forms. The Initiative is currently being coordinated by Kristopher Sarosiek (sarosieklab.org), Jessalyn Ubellacker (ubellackerlab.com/), and Zintis Inde (Zintis Inde @ HSPH). For questions, comments, or information about sponsor opportunities, please contact us at:

Kristopher Sarosiek (sarosiek[at]hsph.harvard.edu)

Jessalyn Ubellacker (jubellacker[at]hsph.harvard.edu)

Zintis Inde (zinde[at]hsph.harvard.edu)